Living Dreams and Actioning Ambition from a (Dis)Ability perspective.

BROADCAST TIMES                                                                         PODCAST

Thursday 22 Dec 2016   1  pm - 2 pm  

Guests The Bi Polar Bears Musicians                              


Thursday 29 Dec 2016   1 pm - 2 pm

                                             Guests Samuel McDermott Film Director and Neil Cole Playwright                                   

Thursday 5 Jan 2017     1 pm - 2 pm

Thursday 12 Jan 2017   1 pm - 2 pm

Host: Raphael Kaleb

Since 2010 Raphael Kaleb

Co-hosted The Boldness on 3CR during drivetime pm on the third and fifth Wednesdays of the month

Written numerous song including Fantasy Lover, Do We Do, Made to Rock, Night Angel, Riff Queen

Performed at Stramarama with Wild@heart Community Arrts numerous times including as master of ceremonies,

Made several videos such Attitude Princess,

Appeared in others such St Kilda Man by the late Tom Fitzgerald, Home is Where The Heart Is -- Hip Hop Crew,

Played Big Bad Boss (male lead role) in There Might Be Ghosts,

Performed various roles with Into The Limelight comedy fim including Tiberus in Modern Shakespeare.

Presented Daring to Dream at The Emerging Writers Festival held by Writers Victioria in 2015,

Entered Battle of the Bands in 2015

Exhibited Art at Gasworks in 2015

Exhibited Art at The Artspace in St KIlda -- I Am Art Exhibition

Broadcasted on International Day of Disability from Melbourne City Square ,Melbourne Zoo

Hosted breakfast show on 3CR on International Day of Disability

Entered RAW Comedy Festival in 2017 -- appearing on 12 Feb 2017 at The Evelyn Hotel in Brunswick

Wrote The Language of Compassion
                    Walk with the world
                     A Stranger is a friend
                     If they are hurt
                     Be prepared to attend

Raphael Kaleb mentors have included

Sarah-Jane Woulahan

Philip Heuzenroeder

John Fleming from Scared Little Guys

Tristian Goodall from The Audreys

Bec Anthony

Justine Sless

The only rule Raphael Kaleb has followed since starting in 2009 is

Living Dreams and Actioning Ambition