Our Story

In 2009 Raphael Kaleb auditioned to chair No Limits on Channel 31.  The producer called Raphael suggesting he had a clear speaking voice for radio.  Raphael Kaleb started co-hosting The Boldness with Phin Meere on 3CR. 

By 2012 Raphael Kaleb started writing and performing his song lyrics with Wild@heart Community Arts.  Eighteen months later Raphael Kaleb was acting as Master of Ceremonies at Strumarama. An opportunity arose though Wild@heart to make a video. Norah Jane, a very talented guitarist teamed up with Raphael Kaleb recording Attitude Princess.   That lead to assisting with a number of videos learning from a world class director.  Norah Jane and Raphael Kaleb jammed together for 2 years.  

Raphael Kaleb knew he had to keep on improving adding different talents.  Raphael Kaleb entered the Emerging Writers Competition in 2015 with Daring to Dream. Much to his suprise Raphael Kaleb was selected as finalist by Writers Victoria.  


Raphael Kaleb  exhibited two written pieces - The Language of Compassion and Daring to Dream at Home is Where The Art Is Exhibition at Gasworks around September that year.

Deb McIntosh and Robyn McIntyre asked Raphael Kaleb was he interested in their Voices of The South public speaking course.  Raphael Kaleb was teachable.  This course brought out the showmanship in Rapheal Kaleb bringing to life his stories in a way others could relate to.

The pieces were starting to come together.  Raphael Kaleb examined the evidence. What were the missing pieces in the jigsaw?  Social media and acting.   Raphael Kaleb completed A Hero's Journey faciliated by Karen McKnight. This clarified what Raphael Kaleb wanted and how to implement it. 

Raphael Kaleb joined RAG Theatre in July 2016.  Four months later Raphael Kaleb played the Big, Bad Boss in There Might Be Ghosts shown at St KIlda Bowling Club.

Into The Limelight is a series of skits written by playwright Neil Cole turned into a short film due for release at the St Kilda Film Festival. Raphael Kaleb played a variety of characters including Chester Cad QC, Tiberus in Modern Shakespeare  and a number of others. 

Late December 2016 Raphael Kaleb hosted A Rambling Beurologists Dream on 3CR. When I started out, there was no How To Manual in Entertainment or Creative Industries  was Raphael Kaleb's motivation .  Raphael Kaleb interviewed the Bi Polar Bears, a band, Samuel McDermott a film director, Neil Cole, a playwright and author, Cathy Horsley Culteral Engagement Officer from City of Port Phillip, Carla Mittlenhier a 10 year ensemble member of many productions,  Justine Sless,professional comedienne and Fur Ann Wale from Talks .

2017 is year of the Fire Rooster.  Raphael Kaleb spent 7 years building a foundation. What was important to him? Raphael Kaleb accepted there was no going back. Raphael Kaleb knew it was time to action all the dreams.

Starting with rebranding A Rambling Beurologist.  Redesigning www.aramblingbeurologist.com.au, introducing a webstore featuring his designs on t shirts and merchandise.  Raphael Kaleb recently competed at the National RAW Comedy Competition.  RaphaelKaleb is making this journey his own and hopes you enjoy the expereince with him.

An Idea is Born