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Special Feature International Day of Disability 3 Dec 2017 (Sunday) Details TBA  

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21 Sept 2016

The Boldness spoke with David Turk, Light and Kinetic artist exhibition as part of the Melbourne fringe festival. James Wray, manager of Housing and Service development from Port Phillip Housing association outlined the importance of accessible and affordable housing with social inclusion.

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The Boldness 19 Oct 2016


"The Boldness" Phin and Raphael are joined by Disability and Queer activist Jax Brown. Speaking about recent Australian story "Tough Love" based around Michael and Taylor a couple with Down syndrome who want to get married. Other topics include the Voluntary euthanasia bill currently being discussed in South Australia and the implications for people with dissabilities and a recent murder suicide of two parents and two children in NSW & the excuse being that the children had Autism.


The Boldness 16 Nov 2016

On tonights show Phin and Raphael speak with renowned  blogger El Gibbs about the National Disability Insurance Scheme(NDIS).


The Boldness 30 Nov 2016

Today Phin will be speaking with disability advocate Sue Armstrong who is campainging for women only psych wards. She also has a film being released in 2017 called "Impatient" she can be contacted by email impatient.doco@gmail.com



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